Lukáš Cibula

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December 2014

Water Elf

Tales of beautiful mermaids have been told for centuries. Sailors wandering across the sea tempted by these astonishingly beautiful water creatures and banished in the depths of ocean. However, what happens when an old myth becomesreal?

This time I have decided to turn a picture of a woman into a water-covered mythical creature. I have replaced her hair with several water textures that have been subsequently painted and filtered to look more realisticand consistent. Herearshavebeentransformed into elvish using liquefying tool and eyes enhanced to give her vivid, penetrating look. My main goal was to create an innocent, pure and calm creature that attracts you by its naturalbeauty.


Original image from Flickr

  • Date:

    December 2014

  • Techniques Used:

  • HealingHealing
  • StampingStamping
  • LiquefyingLiquefying
  • BurningBurning
  • DodgingDodging
  • FilteringFiltering
  • Colour BalancingColour Balancing
  • Skin ToningSkin Toning
  • Eye EnhancingEye Enhancing
  • Image OverlayImage Overlay
Original ImageOriginal
Modified ImageModified
Drag the handle to compare image before and after editing.
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