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April 2015


Would you like to start with dance classes? Do you want to know which events are happening around you? Are you tired of taking tickets all the way with you? You don't have to any more! Our new app not only informs you about all the upcoming events and lectures but also enables you to purchase tickets instantly. Try it right now!

This time we have used a different approach than we are used to. We started designing for mobile devices at first and then moved to larger platforms and improved the user interface for larger screen sizes. Mobile first approach had many advantages compared to desktop first. Instead of cutting down content we could on the other hand expand it and play more with white space and layout. However, our main focus was set on mobile devices and app-like layout. We decided to use user friendly, intuitive interface with large buttons that are easy to use on smartphones and non-disturbing blurred background that can be seen in many apps, primarily Apple.

  • Date:

    April 2015

  • Client:

    Secret Dance School

  • Products:

    Web App Prototype, Logo, Business Cards

  • Browsers:

    Google ChromeOperaMozilla Firefox Safari

  • Platforms:

    ComputersTabletsMobile Phones

  • Team:

    Gabriela Kožiaková- Project Manager, Graphic Designer

    Peter Maslík- Graphic Designer, Logo Creator

    Lenka Čechovičová- Researcher, Prototype Tester, Concept Developer

  • My Role:

    Developer, Client Analyser

Secret App - Tablet Preview
Colour Palette

As our target group is so diverse, we have agreed on using many different colours. We used shades from orange, red or pink up to purple, blue or azure. In this way the app becomes attractive for both male and female users. Whole app uses blurred background with black building blocks with changed opacity. In contrast to this darker shades we used pure white colour. To highlight buttons or payment options we used apple green shade.

  • Blush

    R:193 G:73 B:100 #c14964

  • Strikemaster

    R:142 G:87 B:128 #8e5780

  • Martinique

    R:59 G:39 B:74 #3b274a

  • Burning Sand

    R:214 G:129 B:111 #d6816f


To keep things simple, we used only 1 font family, Clear Sans Regular.

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