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September 2015

The Printed Pig

Are you bored of all the restaurants with plain food, boring location and no sense for innovation? Then visit our brand new restaurant - Printed Pig! Printed Pig is a lucid, light and dynamic kitchen. Its mission is to create meals that involve all your senses - restores, challenges and enriches.

Dynamic, innovative, biologic. This is how Printed Pig describes its cuisine. I have decided to use fluid layout that stretches across pages and therefore brings more attention and motion. As reader opens a brochure, he is captivated by the story which is told continuously, starting with restaurants background and location and leading to lunch menu full of eye catching images and ending with contact information and restaurant's location. Front and back face use the same composition but with contrasting colours in order to increase reader's interest as he continues to unfold the brochure and all images depict very delicious and biological food.

  • Date:

    September 2015

  • Client:


  • Products:

    Informative Brochure


    A5 Two-Faced Trifold Brochure

  • Dimensions:

    A- Master: 93,663mm x 210mm

    B- Master: 92,075mm x 210mm

The Printed Pig- Brochure Front View
Colour Palette

Primary colours used in my design are crimson red, snow white and various shades of gray. Black and white combination provides high contrast and bright red shade gives the whole brochure very fresh and contemporary look and brings attention to important elements on the page. At the same time it forms a bit more dynamic and dramatic look, which is exactly how Printed Pig describes its cuisine. Red is known as a colour of passion and desire and cooks at the Printed Pig put a lot of devotion and compassion into their work, so all gourmands's taste buds are satisfied and that is why crimson fits pefectly to their concept.

  • Crimson Red

    R:236 G:28 B:69 #ec1c45

  • Storm Dust

    R:102 G:102 B:101 #666665

  • Snow White

    R:255 G:255 B:255 #ffffff

  • Ink Black

    R:0 G:0 B:0 #000000


As this brochure doesn't consist of many pages I have decided not to use too many font families in order to keep it simple and give it more visual consistency. For headlines and pull quotes I have decided to use Sign Painter font family and for readable text I have chosen American Typewriter font-family.

Thank You
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