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September 2015


The first thing that comes into mind of most people when they hear hip hop is usually violent gangs, hot chicks, money, heavy golden chains and obscene gestures. However this is not the case of Loke Deph. This lad has decided to represent the Danish rap scene with an alternative approach with focus on depiction of real life and evoking of gloomy and mystical feelings. Largely inspired by the Eastern block, Loke Deph still retains a raw style and represents the suburban life which is not always beautiful. In his work we can often see dark and shabbed destricts of the city and his songs are filled with serious lyrics.

The main requirement from the client was to keep a very gloomy, rought and rugged style and to play with unconventional compositions. The name itself represents a violent force of nature, mealstorm, so I have decided to combine elements evoking similar chaotic feelings: broken glass, damaged and sprayed walls, a creepy hand from behind a blurred background, falling facade and an old paint. Loke Deph prefers to stay anonymous, we just rarely see him directly in his whole musical production. That's why I have used a picture of a hand coming out of the broken glass rather than displaying a face of the artist himself.

  • Date:

    September 2015

  • Client:

    Loke Deph

  • Products:

    Album Cover Design


    Vinyl Record

  • Dimensions:

    324,3mm x 324,3mm

Maelstrom- Album Cover
Colour Palette

This time I have used very dark and desaturated colour scheme with mainly shades of smoke gray or umber brown. Reasons to do so were several: firstly to support gloomy and mysterious look and secondly because the artist just rarely uses any brighter shades in his visual representation.

  • Masala

    R:69 G:64 B:63 #45403f

  • Cotton Seed

    R:193 G:189 B:186 #c1bdba

  • Snow White

    R:255 G:255 B:255 #ffffff

  • Ink Black

    R:0 G:0 B:0 #000000


In order to give the whole visual identity more consistency I have decided to use only one font family and it is 1942 Report. Similar typewriter typography can be seen on posters, facebook covers and other promo materials created for Loke Deph so it fits to his primary design style. Additionally it gives the cover more alternative and unconventional look rather than the typical graffiti fontface that most of the listeners would expect from a rapper.

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