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March 2015

Language Cafe

I have been asked to created a new logo for an event (Language Cafe) hosted by Studenterhuset in Copenhagen. My target group consisted of young students, so I decided to keep it simple and fresh as is the latest trend. After sketching and creating several prototypes in Illustrator I have chosen the one I thought expressed the core character of the event the best. I have decided not to use a concrete language or country in the logo to keep equality and balance among countries. Even though the logo seems minimalist and is scalable up to very small sizes, it has several symbolic meanings. You can find there a letter C, which is the beginning letter of the event, then also a speech bubble, which reminds of people speaking in different languages and a coffee bean that symbolizes luxury coffee, that is always free during the event. The speech bubble might also represent a cup of cappuccino from the top view.

  • Date:

    March 2015

  • Client:

    Studenterhuset Copenhagen

  • Minimal Size:


  • Primary Elements:

    Coffee Beans, Letter C, Speech Bubble, Coffee Cup (Top View)

Colour Palette

I have used shades of brown representing fine coffee beans in contrast with white symbolizing foamed milk and azure blue to give it more fresh and unconventional look.

  • Robin Egg

    R:81 G:174 B:176 #51aeb0

  • Roasted Coffee

    R:80 G:53 B:48 #503530

  • Umber

    R:51 G:29 B:26 #331d1a

  • Quill Gray

    R:225 G:225 B:224 #e1e1e0


I have decided to use a minimalist sans serif font with light font-weight in order to give the logo very soft and tender look. In this way the focus remains on logo, not the headline, and at the same time, its light appearance reminds of cosy moments spent in the circle of friends with the cup of freshly made coffee.

Thank You
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