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April 2016

Jacob Roved

“Every jazz musician speaks with his own voice and not two people sound the same. Developing a distinct musical voice is a great virtue and a lifetime achievement.”

In the continuous cooperation with Jacob Roved I was asked to create a new visual identity for him as a jazz artist. This project included creation of a new website, logo, posters and business cards.

Jacob Roved is a free-lance drummer and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. During his musical career he has worked in a variety of projects, almost exclusively in jazz. For his passion, dedication, long-year experience and effort to preserve jazz music even in the 21st century he has been elected a member and treasurer of The Danish Jazz Musicians' Society.

  • Date:

    April 2016

  • Client:

    Jacob Roved

  • Products:

    Website, Logo, Business Cards, Posters

  • Browsers:

    Google ChromeOperaMozilla Firefox Safari

  • Platforms:

    ComputersTabletsMobile Phones

General Style- Jacob Roved
Colour Palette

Four primary colours I worked with were black, white, blue and golden. Black and dark blue shades represent great evenings of jazz created by this multitalented artist and his music band. In addition, I have decided to use golden colour, because it is a colour that resembles valuable and precious things and at the same time reminds of the good old times when jazz was the most popular. To play with contrast I have decided to use white shade to highlight different blocks on the website. Additionally, white colour is timeless and an excellent background for large pieces of text as it is easy to read and not disturbing at all.

  • Empire Gold

    R:199 G:178 B:153 #c7b299

  • Port Gore

    R:45 G:31 B:85 #2d1f55

  • Blue Violet

    R:80 G:90 B:168 #505aa8

  • Midnight

    R:30 G:32 B:38 #1e2026


As mentioned previously, I have used the very same typography as has been used for Jacob's album cover. The reasons were following: Nova Bold is an excellent example of a font-family that is neither too old nor too modern. My client was very specific in this area; he didn't want to look too old-fashioned but, on the other hand, wanted to express the modern jazz music scene. To give it even fresher look, I decided to supplement it with a contemporary font family, Roboto Condensed Light. For posters and business cards I have chosen Early Bird Regular font family because it looks like Jacob's own signature and creates stronger connection between the artist and his fan base.

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