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May 2015

Jacob Roved Quintet

Jacob Roved is a free-lance drummer and composer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. During his musical career he has worked in a variety of projects, almost exclusively in jazz. For his passion, dedication, long-year experience and effort to preserve jazz music even in the 21st century he has been elected a member and treasurer of The Danish Jazz Musicians' Society. He is about to release his debut album with the current band, the Jacob Roved Quintet, and I was asked to design cover for their upcoming release.

My main intention was to create a pleasant and calm atmosphere that you can feel listening to Jacob Roved Quintet's music. Cover design that would remind of long nights spent listening to fine sounds of saxophone, trumpet, piano, drums or violin. My idea was to create design similar to their musical style- nothing too disturbing, fancy or exaggerated. That's why I used minimalist black background with photos depicting their passion for jazz. I wanted to keep the jazz-like appearance but at the same time give it more simple, contemporary look to emphasize that the band is active on a modern jazz scene.

  • Date:

    May 2015

  • Client:

    Jacob Roved

  • Products:

    Album Cover

Colour Palette

The three primary colours I worked with were black, blue and golden. I tried to create album cover that would fit with colour scheme of Jacob Roved's current website, which was primarily blue. In addition, I have decided to use golden colour, because it is a colour that resembles valuable and precious things and at the same time reminds of the good old times when jazz was the most popular. Golden colour scheme can also be seen on covers of many other jazz singers and bands. For typography I have decided to use plain white shade, because it is timeless and in a good contrast with black background and therefore its easy to read and not disturbing at all.

  • Empire Golden

    R:199 G:178 B:153 #c7b299

  • Violent Violet

    R:32 G:9 B:91 #20095b

  • Cerulean Blue

    R:52 G:54 B:217 #3436d9

  • Midnight

    R:0 G:0 B:0 #000000


I have used Nova Bold for headlines as an example of a font-family that is neither too old nor too modern. My client was very specific in this area; he didn't want to look too old-fashioned but on the other hand wanted to express the modern jazz music scene. To give it even fresher look, I decided to supplement it with a contemporary font family, Roboto Condensed Light

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