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December 2014

The Human Torch

Most people know and adore the human torch from the Fantastic Four. Superhero with special ability to ignite his own body and fly up in the sky. For those who have never heard of him and have difficulties to imagine a man made of pure fire, I have created a live preview of the human torch.

Whole process is divided into 2 parts: template creation and colour application. At first I have created a black and white version of the image with flames and fires applied to it. Then I have inverted the image and applied a yellow filter, orange and red inner and outer glow, dark shadows and extremely bright highlights to give it a realistic fire look.


Original image by Sam Paikini

  • Date:

    December 2014

  • Techniques Used:

  • HealingHealing
  • StampingStamping
  • InversionInversion
  • FilteringFiltering
  • Colour BalancingColour Balancing
  • Image OverlayImage Overlay
The Human Torch Texture Application The Human Torch Inversion Application
Original ImageOriginal
Modified ImageModified
Drag the handle to compare image before and after editing.
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