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May 2015


FODMAP Forum is a company founded by Stine Junge Albrechtsen, Ida Vanman Jakobsen and Ditte Junge Thorsen in 2015. Their team consists of professional dietitians, doctors, psychologists and trainers who specialise in gastronomy and digestive disorders. Their main aim is to effectively provide help for patients suffering from IBS (Irritating Bowel Syndrome). After years of experience with working with this disorder they understand how much IBS changes lives of patients and that's why they decided to start an online guidance that would provide self-education and help for IBS-diagnosed safely from their home.

This time we had a very specific target group consisting of people suffering from IBS (Irritating Bowel Syndrome). 2/3 of patients are women under 50, but in general this syndrome has been diagnosed for all age categories and both genders. We might not realise how common this disorder is, because most patients try to hide it, but statistics says that up to 15% of population suffers from IBS. These patients are greatly limited by their disorder, mainly when it comes to social life. They avoid public places and prefer to stay in safety of their homes. There is no medical proof of this syndrome, according to blood tests, scans or other standard medical approaches, these people are absolutely healthy, but yet still the symptoms appear. Many times they are rejected help from their GP and have to cope with their disorder completely alone. That's why we decided that the thing they need the most is empathy, understanding and human but at the same time professional help available from everywhere, even their homes.

  • Date:

    May 2015

  • Client:

    Stine Junge Albrechtsen, Ida Vanman Jakobsen, Ditte Junge Thorsen

  • Products:

    Website, Promotion Videos, Business Cards, Logo, Marketing Strategy, Business Plan, Flyers, Design Manual

  • Browsers:

    Google ChromeOperaMozilla Firefox Safari

  • Platforms:

    ComputersTabletsMobile Phones

  • Team:

    Patrícia Baranyaiová- Graphic Designer and Editor

    Hanna Staniszewska- Cameraman, Video Editor, Information Architect

    Andreea Diana Smarandache- Concept Developer, Researcher, Prototype Tester

  • My Role:

    Web Developer and Designer, Information Architect, Concept Developer

General Style- FODMAP Forum
Colour Palette

Colour psychology played a vital role in our project. We decided to use 4 main colour shades to divide our website into thematic sections- diet, exercise, health and lifestyle. For health we used blue shade, because it is the colour of healthcare that can be seen in many hospitals worn by doctors and nurses. For exercise we used green, because it is connected to healthy lifestyle, and also doesn't look very aggressive, but on the other hand is very calming and welcoming. And most of the exercises advised by us are very relaxing, mainly yoga or stretching exercises to relieve your digestive system and bowel movements. For that reason green colour was the number one choice. When speaking of diet, we agreed on using red colour, because it is often used to highlight important things. Strict following of FODMAP diet is essential for all the patients. It's the most effective form of treatment recommended by experts from all over the world and we felt its important to emphasize it even more. And lastly for lifestyle section, we used yellow colour, because it is optimistic, bright and positive and this is exactly how the lifestyle of our patients should look like. It has been proofed that stress is a negative factor causing IBS patients more complications, so we wanted to create something cheery and happy. For the rest of the website we used simple white background that is timeless, non-disturbing and perfect for reading. To avoid newspaper style we combined it with dark grey shade used for written text.

  • Turqoise Blue

    R:84 G:222 B:237 #54d6ed

  • De York

    R:129 G:200 B:140 #81c88c

  • Energy Yellow

    R:248 G:215 B:102 #f8d766

  • Alizarin Crimson

    R:234 G:76 B:101 #ea4c65


For our semester project we have used just 2 font families: Roboto Condensed Light and Gentona Extra Bold. We were aiming for simplicity, readability and legibility because the website contains a lot of written text in the form of informative articles, guides or interviews and we didn't want to make it difficult for a user to get new information. To create enough contrast between plain text and highlighted elements we decided to use font-families with completely different font weight. Gentona Extra Bold perfectly suited these purposes: even though it is very explicit and easily readable font-family, it stands out of the ordinary text and highlights all headlines, buttons and other important parts of the website.

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