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February 2016


FitBird is a marketplace with personal training. Their personal trainers are spread throughout the country and in all specialties, such as weight loss, muscle building and strength. They are ready to find the right coach for you so make the first step today and get a trainer recommended!

In the past Fitbird was using logo that was too complex and masculine. My task was to come with simpler, minified version that would fit standarts of modern logo design and would be appealing to both sexes. Therefore I have decided to skip the idea of representing strong body, muscles or exercise and concentrated primarily on the concept of a bird and sport. Finally, the primary elements I have incorporated into logo were the initial letter of their name, letter F, and bird feathers. After doing brief user testing we found out that the logo also reminds of the olypmic torch with burning flame, which is yet another linkto exerciseand fitness.

  • Date:

    February 2015

  • Client:

    Casper Kold, Thor Wowk Larsen

  • Minimal Size:

    20 x 20px

  • Primary Elements:

    Bird Feathers, Letter F

Fitbird Logo Preview
Colour Palette

I have chosen a combination of lapis blue and snow white. Blue is a colour used by many big companies that want to look professional, powerful and trustworthy. It is a colour of precision, integrity and seriousness. According to many studies blue is a colour of mind and body. It is used in health, healing and healthy lifestyle. Dark blue is also associated with depth, expertise and stability. And these are all qualities that are important for Fitbird as a company.

  • Royal Blue

    R:81 G:174 B:176 #4658A3

  • Ink Black

    R:255 G:255 B:255 #ffffff


The primary factor influencing typography choice was readibility and legibility. Lato font family excels in it plus it comes in several varieties. The subtle curves of font letters fit together with the shaping of bird feathers used in Fitbird's logo and give it very appealing and consistent look.

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