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March 2017


ENIITO is a newly launched online marketplace founded on a background and passion for design and especially the idea of supporting unseen Scandinavian designers and offering them a platform to achieve commercial success.

They are active on an overly saturated market with strong competitors. In order to gain more brand awareness and to successfully penetrate the market we have created a new business strategy that included changes within the external communication, visual identity as well as business strategy.

  • Date:

    March 2017

  • Client:


  • Products:

    Website, Brand Identity, Business Strategy

  • Team:

    Deivids Intovičs;- Ideation

    Mathilde Elvire Gislinge- Business and Marketing

  • My Role:

    Research, Ideation, Design

  • Convention

    ENIITO is a typical online marketplace. They have a solid vision but are stuck in a very conventional position.

  • Disruption

    Strong community makes strong design

  • Vision

    ENIITO is a leading online platform that unites talented Scandinavian designers, driven by community, engagement and innovation.

Brand Identity

The core of ENIITO's brand identity would still be high quality Scandinavian design which is timeless, minimalist and functional. However, it is not just about aesthetics. Each and every product on their website has a story behind it. Concentrating more on the local communities as well as sustainability would be a way for ENIITO to differentiate themselves on the market. The main focus should be the on strengthening the local designer community and through storytelling, workshops, exhibitions and pop stores that would enhance the customer relationship. The key activities should involve networking and collaboration and offering extra exposure to unknown but very talented young Nordic designers.

A rising tendency in Scandinavian design is appearing with incorporating colors and engaging elements into traditional and often stereotyped Scandinavian design. Designers find new ways to promote their products: playful videos (HAY, COS), eye catching showrooms (Normann CPH - Bright pink exhibition), unconventional exhibitions (COS) etc. There is a possibility for ENIITO to address popularity of this trend and advertise the new face of Nordic design. They should in similar to fashion use more engaging and playful way to promote their products and designers. Videos, podcasts and live exhibitions are great examples of gaining awareness and creating more personal bond between customer and designer.

General Style- ENIITO
Web Redesign

Vital part of the new branding strategy was a web redesign. We believe that ENIITO's fundamental values of uniqueness and innovation should be clearly reflected in their platform as well. And therefore we created a new design which follows the current trends of ultra minimalist, debranding and New Nordic’s positive approach to subtle colours and interactive elements.

ENIITO - Frontpage Redesign
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