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February 2015

Eco Carwash

ECO CARWASH is a company that cares about our future and the future of our children. Their priority is to follow and innovate ecological practices for hand car wash. Their goal is to reduce the consumption of water by using powerful steam cleaners. Steam cleaners have replaced the high pressure machines which have wasted a lot of water. Their cleaning supply partners want to take care of our environment as well. The cleaning supplies are all of natural origin without any negative impact on our environment.

Eco Carwash is trying to attract people who actually care about the environment and pollution and are willing to pay a little higher amount of money for high-quality services that are eco-friendly and significantly save water consumption. I have several times stressed the eco-friendly nature of the company and tried to base the whole website on fresh, clean design.

  • Date:

    February 2015

  • Client:

    Eco Carwash Køge

  • Products:

    Website, Logo, Flyers, Business Cards

  • Browsers:

    Google ChromeOperaMozilla Firefox Safari

  • Platforms:

    ComputersTabletsMobile Phones

  • Team:

    Rebeka Vodrážková- Logo Collaboration

  • My Role:

    Web Designer and Developer, Graphic Designer

General Style- Eco Carwash
Colour Palette

The vast majority of the site is composed of white colour, which is not too distractive, easy for an eye and at the same time clean and fresh. To stress the eco-friendly nature of the enterprise I have decided to use mainly green (nature, ecology, environment) and blue (water, freshness, air) colour shades.

  • Blizzard Blue

    R:165 G:222 B:241 #a5def1

  • Wasabi

    R:124 G:194 B:68 #7cc244

  • Atlatic Adventure

    R:0 G:119 B:164 #0077a4

  • Lime

    R:186 G:215 B:97 #bad761


In this project I have used 3 font families: Afta Sans for plain text, Dolce Vita for headlines and highlighted elements and Bebas for banners in the slide-show. Again, my goal was to choose typography that looks clean and ordered. For display I have used font families that are clearly visible and yet not too fancy and difficult to read and for the rest of the page, simple sans-serif typography.

  • Website Preview
  • Tablet Version Preview
  • Mobile Version Preview
  • Mobile Version Preview
  • Business Cards Preview
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