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November 2015

Din Arv

“Create your testament and bring safety to your family.”

This is the slogan and the main ideology of DinArv. Many people are too scared to think about transcience of life or are discouraged to create will via lawyer because of the long and time-consuming procedures and large amount of money necessary to create a will.However, it is vitally important to think about the future of your offspring and to ensure that they get what legally belongs to them.

Fortunately, DinArv has a fast and inexpensive solution for you! Their website was designed to enable Danes to create wills in a simple, safe and legally correct way.

  • Date:

    November 2015

  • Client:

    Jørgen Koch

  • Products:

    Website Redesign

  • Browsers:

    Google ChromeOperaMozilla Firefox Safari

  • Platforms:

    ComputersTabletsMobile Phones

General Style- DinArv
Colour Palette

I have decided to use green as the primary colour because it is very welcoming, optimistic and tempts to action. That's is why it is a perfect background colour for call to action buttons and sections of the website. I have combined it with simple black and white combination to increase readability and to bring more professional and legal, juristic document style and therefore build trust in potential clients.

  • Emerald

    R:58 G:202 B:122 #3aca7a

  • Mountain Meadow

    R:27 G:189 B:94 #1bbd5e

  • Snow White

    R:255 G:255 B:255 #ffffff

  • Ink Black

    R:30 G:32 B:38 #1e2026


As previously mentioned, the target group consisted mainly of older audience, therefore I have decided to use just one font family with two font variations: Proxima Nova Bold and Proxima Nova Light.This way I have created highly readable and legible typographic combination. I have increased the letter spacing, line height and font size to make it even easier to read the separate pieces of text.

  • Website Preview
  • Tablet Version Preview
  • Mobile Version Preview
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