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January 2017

Dead Man Humming

"Critical Design aims to really push the boundaries of design and to reconsider the elements of fiction.”
- Helly Ben Hayoun

We live in the society that is completely surrounded by affirmative design that "solves" our problems feeds our consumer needs. However, is this really what humanity needs? We have decided to stray from the commercial path and instead start thinking critically and create artifacts that challenge narrow assumptions, preconceptions and givens about the role products play in everyday life.

This is the KEA Critical Design Prototyping annual showcase brochure. This year's theme has focused on the most popular string instrument, a guitar. With our designs we aimed to make people think, raise awareness, expose assumptions, provoke action, spark debate, or even entertain.

And hence started the infraordinary journey of the extraordinary musical instrument... Enjoy!

  • Date:

    January 2017

  • Client:


  • Products:

    Critical Design Prototyping Showcase Brochure


    Doublesided A4 Brochure

  • Dimensions:

    210mm × 297mm

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