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September 2015

Copenhagen Waterfront

In this assignment we were supposed to create series of posters for the Copenhagen Waterfront- Museum of Urban Life. One of them should contain geometric shapes and the other should be composed of a photocollage.

  • Date:

    September 2015

  • Client:

    Copenhagen Waterfront Museum

  • Products:



    A3, Custom

  • Dimensions:

    297mm x 420mm

    600mm x 900mm

Colour Palette

I have primarily used shades of blue to stick to the topic of water. In addition I have combined it with plain white and various shades of gray. All posters are using not too saturated and vibrant but more natural and subtle colour scheme.

  • Blue Horizon

    R:94 G:143 B:165 #5e8fa5

  • Nebula

    R:217 G:226 B:222 #d9e2de

  • Cotton Seed

    R:195 G:191 B:185 #c3bfb9

  • Gun Powder

    R:71 G:69 B:89 #474359


I have used the following font families: Anders Regular and Bebas Neue Regular and Bebas Neue Light.

Waterfront Poster Preview

For my first poster I have decided to play with shapes and background contrast. I have used a minimalist picture of a calm sea level and intersected it with a frame which uses vertically trasformed version of the very same picture. It creates an illusion of looking at the waves through a picture frame and gives feeling of visiting a real museum. At the same time it creates an eye catching element on otherwise very simple and minimalist design and brings more attention to the main title that is situated in the middle of it.

Waterfront Poster Preview

This time I have again played with the theme of water and its combination with geometric shapes. Poster uses the same typography and similar colour scheme for more visual consistency.

Waterfront Poster Preview

For the final poster I have decided to focus mainly on the depiction of urban life rather than the theme of waterfront. I have used double exposure effect combining picture of a young woman with the scenery of Copenhagen. The woman is sitting on the waterfront thinking about the beauty of life. I have used very soft colours and not too heavy typography to give it more melancholic feeling. The main heading is composed of several intersecting or parallel lines which should remind of plans of city infrastructure and further support the theme of urban life.

Thank You
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