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September 2015

Aesthetics of Life

As Confucius once said wisely - there is beauty in everything, but not everybody sees it. Perception of beauty is very relative and first of all subjective term and there is just a narrow bridge between the ugly and the beautiful. Aesthetics of life is a photobook consisting of photographies taken by ZIBAT students that demonstrates that even ordinary and at the first sight unimportant things can be beautiful and eye-appealing when you take a closer look at them and concentrate on the little details that make them special and unique.

The whole photobook is divided into 3 sections based on topics given to our students during individual assignments. A journey begins with various photo portraits and staged photographies, continues to display breathtaking natural sceneries, and ends with depiction of both simple architecture and very imposing and grand architectural buildings.

My main aim was to highlight photos and imagery and leave the rest of the photobook in the background. I have used a lot of negative space and just very short and accurate headlines to make the design simple, elegant and well-organized. All images have been desaturated to grayscale to create a melancholic mood that evokes deep feelings and makes user think about the further meaning of photos. I have concentrated mainly on page layout and tried to create a dymanic but well balaced composition with highly contrasting and eye-appealing slides. When making picture collages, I have used golden ratio and scaled images proportionally from miniature frames to big, eye-appealing sceneries.

  • Date:

    September 2015

  • Client:


  • Products:



    Multipage Square-sized Book

  • Dimensions:

    180mm x 180mm

Aesthetics of Life Photobook Preview
Colour Palette

Two primary colours used in my photobook are black and white. They are simple, timeless, easily readable and highly contrasting colour shades. White also creates very natural background and leaves all the focus on photographies, which are the main elements of the whole project.

  • Snow White

    R:255 G:255 B:255 #ffffff

  • Ink Black

    R:0 G:0 B:0 #000000


In order to highlight the simple and elegant nature of my photobook I have used the following font families: Argo Old Regular because of its soft curves and great visibility as a display font and Aileron Ultra Light because of its light nature and a good contrast with a serif font used for headlines.

Aesthetics of Life Photobook Preview
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